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Texas State University

Chartered & Registered Student Organizations

Chartered student organizations are held to a higher standard with higher expectations than other student organizations. Texas State University has over 400 active student organizations on campus and ranging in mission, purpose, and goals. Institutional Inclusive Excellence is proud to serve as home for a number of these chartered and registered organizations.

Black Presidents' Council logo

Black Presidents' Council - BPC

Black Presidents' Council will provide a vehicle by which Black students will collectively serve as one voice in advocating for the concerns of Black students here at Texas State University. This organization will reflect representation of the Black student body and offer solicited and unsolicited collective opinions to the University Administration of its members on subjects of special interest. BPC will also serve as a liaison of communication between the Black Coalition Faculty and Staff, the Texas State Alumni Association (African- American Chapter), the Earl Moseley Mentorship Program and the Black Student Organizations of Texas State.

Membership is open to all presidents, vice-presidents, Black members of student government, and Chairs of Black Student Organizations (BSOs) to address their needs, concerns, and issues of Black students.

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Black student alliance logo

Black Student Alliance - BSA

Black Student Alliance was created to establish a liaison between the university and the Black students on campus while promoting cultural activities. Activities will include annual sponsorship of Black History Week and various service projects.  Membership is open to all students.

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Lambda of Texas State

Lambda of Texas State is a non-Greek chartered organization whose purpose is to provide social, political and educational support and services to its LGBTQIA members and to heighten the awareness in the community of the needs of its members.

Membership in the organization is open to all current students, faculty and staff of Texas State University. We look forward to seeing you Lambda of Texas State meetings and events.  Eat 'Em Up, Cats!

Underrepresented Student Advisory Council - USAC

The Underrepresented Student Advisory Council (USAC) is a multicultural programming and leadership development council composed of various recognized, university student organizations. The council welcomes and supports organizations whose majority membership includes persons from groups that have been and continue to be underrepresented in higher education and include a multicultural and cross cultural educational component in their programming. The mission of USAC member organizations is to represent and promote diversity and equal opportunity programming initiatives in support of a more inclusive society.

Veterans Alliance of Texas State - VATS

The Veterans Alliance of Texas State (VATS) is a chartered student organization made up of US military veterans and their supporters with the mission of assisting our military members with the transition from service to student.

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Hip Hop Congress

A community-service based student organization that strives unite people through creativity, social activism and cultural expression.  Hip Hop Congress is the product of a merger of artists and students, music and community. It is significant because it provides one of few paths for highly creative and often disenfranchised youth where they can channel their energy into a strong and organized force aimed at improving their community.

Interruptions: Anti-Racism Peer Educator Group

Interruptions is a multi-racial, anti-racism peer educator group.  Our goal is to educate ourselves and others about the many forms of racism and to learn, develop and share ways of interrupting it in our daily lives. We believe that by opening up and engaging in conversations about racism, we help to lessen its impacts in our society and learn more ourselves and others in the process.

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