Equality University

Live. Love. Liberation.

Equality University is a diversity, equity, and inclusion conference that brings individuals and communities together to participate in a day of dialogue and features national speakers.

An opportunity for you and/or your organization to engage in authentic peer connections, explore and understand how identities impact individual relationships, groups and social dynamics, and prepare you for success in a global society.

Equality U is a student educational co-curricular program. TXST Faculty and Staff participation is on a voluntary basis.

Fall 2021 - November 13, 2021

"Storytelling as Resistance and Liberation"

Saturday, November 13, 2021
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
LBJ Student Center Grand Ballroom
Texas State University

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Keynote Speaker

Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodríguez

Storyteller. Speaker. Author. Feminist. 

Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodríguez is a writer and scholar activist working to shift the national conversation on race. The founder of Latina Rebels, her work has been featured by NPR, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post Latino Voices, Telemundo, and Univision. She was invited to the White House in 2016.  She uses the power of storytelling as resistance against racism, sexism, classism, and colonialism. She is author of the new book titled, "For Brown Girls with Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts". 

Photo of Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez
Keynote Presentation - 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM | LBJSC Grand Ballroom

Author of New Book

"For generations, Brown girls have had to push against powerful forces of sexism, racism, and classism, often feeling alone in the struggle. In For Brown Girls with Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts, she offers wisdom and a liberating path forward for all women of color. She crafts powerful ways to address the challenges Brown girls face, from imposter syndrome to colorism. She empowers women to decolonize their worldview, and defy “universal” white narratives, by telling their own stories." Description courtesy of Seal Press.

Indian Student Association invites you to:

Diwali: The Festival of Lights

November 13, 2021
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
LBJ Student Center Ballroom

Free to attend.

Around the world and for over 2,500 years, Hindus celebrate Diwali, or Deepavali - a festival of lights. Diwali 2021 starts on November 4. In India, the celebration lasts five days and is the largest holiday of the year.

The Indian Student Association and Institutional Inclusive Excellence-Student Initiatives invites you to attend the festival as part of our Equality University Conference experience. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Reason #1
    Have you ever wanted to have an honest conversation about things like race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, social class, religion or other "sensitive" topics, but 1) were afraid of offending someone, 2) didn't know how to begin or 3) were taught never to discuss such things outside of your close-knit group?  Well, this conference is for you.  At Equality U these are just the sort of things you will be encouraged, guided and assisted in discussing.

    Reason #2
    Do you actually enjoy having conversations about things like race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, social class, religion and other "sensitive" topics, but your attempts to discuss these things left you feeling bad, guilty, frustrated, discouraged or even angry?  Well this conference is for you. At Equality U you will have an opportunity to learn new skills and explore ideas that can help you to engage these topics more successfully.

    Reason #3
    Do you ever wonder just what the big deal is about these things? Have you ever asked yourself: "Why can't everyone just get along as one race....the human race?"  Well this conference is for you.  At Equality U you will learn some of the reasons why we all have such a difficult time coming together AND you will discover ways you can help your group, organization or community create better connections when there is diversity.

  • Registration is required, but all can attend.

    • High School Students

    • Undergraduate Students

    • Graduate Students

    • Doctoral Students

    • Texas State Faculty & Staff

    • Community Members (any and working professional who is not a employee of Texas State)

  • No day-of registration
    All attendees must pre-register for the conference. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

    No admittance once workshop has started
    Entering workshops late interrupts the educational experience and learning process that has been developed specifically for conference attendees and guided by facilitators.

    Full-day participation / No half-day participation
    To gain the full experience, participants are expected to attend the entire conference.

  • Texas State University
    Priority registration is for Texas State students with no cost associated.

    Non-Texas State
    All are welcomed to attend. Presently, there is no cost associated with attending. However, we will notify all Non-Texas State participants if this changes.

    Dress Code
    Business casual, at minimum. If you need help in determining what is appropriate attire you can learn more about the etiquette of dressing for business.

  • All participants will participate in one of the available cohorts.

    Group registration is available for organizations/groups of 10-15. Any group completing a group registration will be its own cohort. 

    • High School Student
    • Undergraduate Student 
    • Graduate Student
    • Doctoral Student (this track includes doctoral students who are not employed full-time)
    • Community Member (includes non-TXST working professionals)
  • Individuals assisting with the implementation of the conference are required to register.

    • Director's Committee (Planning Committee Members)
    • Conference Workshop Facilitators
    • All Volunteers
  • If you are a student and require accommodations due to a disability, contact the Office of Disability Services at 512-245-3451 or ods@txstate.edu 72 hours prior to the event. 

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