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Attorney for Students meeting with a student

Attorney for Students

Counsels students on lease reviews, criminal law, family law, employment law, immigration law, consumer and civil matters, contract law, simple wills, and name and gender marker changes. The office can show students how to find outside agencies or private attorneys concerning legal issues for which we cannot provide assistance.

Attorney for Students

Counseling Center

Free and confidential professional counseling offered as well as online mental health resources to currently enrolled Texas State students while classes are in session. Counseling services focus on short-term goals in support of personal adjustment, development and student success.

Learn about the Counseling Center

group counseling session
a mentor and mentee having a conversation

Connect with faculty and staff with Diversity Connections

An online profile and directory of faculty and staff members and how to connect with them. The directory allows you to search faculty and staff based on their racial/ethnic background, Ally status (Ally of Texas State, Trans Ally, Veteran Friendly Ally, and Dreamer Ally), Department/Office, and Veteran Status.  The goal of this directory is to help you connect with Texas State faculty and staff who can serve as mentors, advocates, and a support system.

Visit the Diversity Connections Directory

Mental health resources, via Minds Matter

Mental health problems are common in a college student population. Getting help early can reduce distress and prevent a problem from becoming a crisis. Texas State offers many resources, and our Minds Matter program can help you find what you need.

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two students chat outside a dining hall
bobcat bond mentor working with student computer

Mentor program, via Bobcat Bond

New students are paired with Texas State upperclassmen, staff or faculty to ease the transition into the university and support the adjustments to change. Research shows that students who receive mentoring are more likely to stay in college and graduate. We at Bobcat Bond believe that mentors truly do contribute to the success of students and we encourage all students to seek out a mentor.

Learn more about the Bobcat Bond mentoring program


Multicultural Lounge and Black Students' Resource Library

This space, housed in the Lampasas Hall, was established with the goal of "allowing students of different ethnicities to have access to an environment that is their own."

Learn more about the Multicultural Lounge


student sits in front of a mural of activism at TXST
in classroom speaker

Office of Disability Services

Ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to all university programs and activities. Provides students the opportunity to reach their full potential by coordinating academic accommodations and support services and helps to foster a supportive and inclusive educational environment.

Learn about Office of Disability Services


Safe Offices

A safe office is a department or office where 75% or more of all full-time employees have completed Allies Training.

Learn more about Safe Offices


We respect the sexual orientation and gender identity and expression of all people
student receiving a health check

Student Health Center

Provides primary, women’s and psychiatric healthcare services to university students. Services are provided at affordable prices for college students, and health insurance coverage is not required to receive care. The Student Health Center also offers a university-endorsed student health insurance plan for students without insurance or those seeking more affordable coverage.

Learn more about the Student Health Center

Our Patient Advocate

The patient advocate can help students obtain information and services, and when necessary advocate on behalf of students to ensure that their patient rights are protected. The patient advocate can also help students understand their personal responsibility when seeking healthcare.

Contact the Patient Advocate

Support for traditionally underrepresented students, via TRiO Programs

TRiO Programs (TRIO) are Federal outreach and student services programs designed to identify and provide services for traditionally underrepresented students (first-generation college students, students who meet low income guidelines, and students with disabilities). Services are free to those who qualify and are accepted into the programs. Learn more about all TRiO programs.

The existence of TRiO Programs is owed to the passing of The Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson at Texas State University. The HEA made a college education attainable for thousands of lower- and middle-income students; this legislation is central to the legacies of our institution, Texas and the United States.

Office of Disability Services           Student Support Services

students holding support services flag
International students stand in front of a wall of different countries' flags

Support and Empowerment resources, via Student Diversity & Inclusion

Connect with support and empowerment resources for veterans, students of color, LGBTQIA+ students, male students, and more. Resources include events, organizations, trainings and other programming.

Learn more about Student Diversity and Inclusion

Undocumented & DACAmented Student Resources

Undocumented and DACAmented students are valued members of the Texas State University community. Our goal is raise awareness about the experiences, support services, and need for safe spaces for undocumented and DACAmented students  at Texas State.

Undocumented & DACAmented Student Resources


Bobcat DREAMers safe office
group of men speaking to each other

Veteran Academic Success Center

Offers military-connected students resources and a peer support program that provide transitional assistance, information about VA education benefits, social support, and academic services to support academic success.

Learn more about the Veteran Academic Success Center

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