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Texas State University

The LGBTQIA+ Alliance at Texas State

ALLIANCE at Texas State

ALLIANCE at Texas State (ALLIANCE) is a staff and faculty organization that encourages, promotes, and celebrates the awareness, equality, social acceptance, nondiscrimination, and individual freedoms of all employees regardless of their sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity. ALLIANCE is dedicated to and supports Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Gender Non-Binary/Gender Diverse, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Aromantic, and Agender (LGBTQIA) faculty and staff by:

  • Advocating equal rights, access, and benefits for all LGBTQIA faculty and staff
  • Creating a safe and accepting environment to recruit and retain LGBTQIA faculty and staff
  • Organizing educational and social activities and sponsoring events that facilitate open dialogue and networking opportunities for staff, faculty, and students where appropriate
  • Promoting educational workshops and discussions that foster awareness of LGBTQIA issues and visibility for staff, faculty and students

The purpose of ALLIANCE shall be to provide a forum for the discussion of issues and concerns related to the LGBTQIA community (staff, faculty, and students) at Texas State University (Texas State) and to cooperate in providing workable solutions to these issues.

The Goals of ALLIANCE Shall Be

Educational Advocacy

To serve as a resource for the university to provide a premier student-centered and culturally-competent educational experience that fosters student retention and success at all levels by supporting programs and initiatives designed to serve LGBTQIA students, the hiring and retention of LGBTQIA staff and faculty and offering regular visibility and educational opportunities to engage with students, staff and faculty, as appropriate to the nature of the event.


To engage actively in dialogue with the staff, faculty, and students for the purpose of articulating educational concerns, needs, and trends of LGBTQIAs in higher education and collaborating with university administration and entities to address them.


To assist in maintaining the effective institutional programs to recruit and retain a diverse staff, faculty, and student population at Texas State. To serve as a resource on information regarding LGBTQIAs. To collaborate with the university to enrich our learning and working environment by attracting and supporting a more diverse faculty, staff, and
student body and ensuring that Texas State can serve as an example for closing gaps in recruitment, retention and academic/professional success.

Culture Promotion

To embrace and celebrate the history, culture, and contributions of LGBTQIAs at Texas Sate and acknowledge how these enhance the climate at and the value of the degrees awarded by Texas State.

Professional Advocacy

To advocate for a safe and beneficial working environment for all LGBTQIA staff, faculty, and students as well as to promote and advocate for their professional development.