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Texas State University

Featured Faculty & Staff

Texas State has several awards designed to recognize outstanding members of our community that are contributing to an inclusive environment.

Mariel M. Muir Mentoring Award

The Mariel M. Muir Excellence in Mentoring Award honors one faculty member and one staff member for their dedication to mentoring students, faculty, or staff. Each honoree is recognized at a luncheon and receives $2,500. The award will be based on the following demonstrated criteria:

  • critical support that assists the mentee(s) in functioning effectively in the organization
  • sustained commitment to a professional relationship with an individual or individuals that results in career growth or the personal development of mentee(s); and
  • behavior, attitudes, and/or skills that aid mentee(s) in achieving competence, confidence, and professional standing.

2020 Award Winners

  • Dr. Caitlin Gabor, Professor in the Department of Biology
  • Michelle Sotolongo, Student Development Specialist in the Honors College

Excellence in Diversity

The Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Awards program is established to honor university community members for exceptional commitment to diversity and inclusion at Texas State. These awards recognize and reward faculty and staff members for activities that promote the university’s diversity and inclusion goals and the impact of those activities.

2020 Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award Winners

  • Dr. Russell Hodges, Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Arlene Salazar, University Libraries

Latinx Stars in the Constellation of the Rising Star

The Lantinx Stars in the Constellation of the Rising Star award is given to staff and faculty who have gone above and beyond to help advocate and support Latinxs in higher education.

2020 Award Winners

No awards were given in 2020 due to the unprecedented circumstances presented by the pandemic, however awards will be presented at the Spring 2021 Symposium. For more information, visit the Hispanic Policy Network website