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Texas State University

IIE-FSI Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for 2021-2022


Institutional Inclusive Excellence leads the university’s charge for justice, equity, and diversity by empowering students, faculty, and staff to exemplify just practices throughout our classrooms, campuses, and communities. We strive to elevate and educate all members of the university to lead in a culturally diverse and global society.


Institutional Inclusive Excellence provides transformational leadership that will establish the university as a global leader in justice, equity, and diversity.

Top Priorities for 2021-2022 (Aligned with a University Goal)

University Goal 4. Provide the necessary services, resources, and infrastructure to support the university’s strategic direction

Unit Priority 4.1 Implement an Affirmative Action Program (AAP) to ensure that all qualified applicants and employees, including those from historically disadvantaged groups, are receiving an equal opportunity for recruitment, hiring/selection, and advancement, thereby resulting in increased diversity and inclusion of the Texas State faculty and staff and meeting federal compliance requirements.

  • The AAP will include an action-oriented plan that is updated annually.
  • The plan will be posted to the IIE-FSI website.
  • The Affirmative Action Work Group will be engaged regularly to assist in the development, analysis, and refinement of the AAP.

Unit Priority 4.2. Guided by the AAP, best practices, and a needs assessment, establish best in-class recruitment and hiring practices.

  • Collaborate with community partners and attend/plan recruitment events to increase talent pools.
  • ·Review current recruitment cycle and on-boarding processes to assess efficiency and effectiveness (e.g., response time to position postings, Veteran preference verification, and training programs for hiring managers and search committee members).
  • Increase Texas State employer brand by expanding social media presence and other forms of outreach.
  • Implement a staff hiring manager training program that will function as a resource in the recruitment, interview, and selection process.

Priority 4.3. Establish best practices in measuring the culture of inclusion.

  • Collaborate with VPSA to administer a Campus Climate Survey using Merrick funds.
  • Review the Life Anew report and establish priorities for building equitable relationships.
  • Develop opportunities for faculty and staff to provide feedback directly and/or anonymously.

Unit Priority 4.4. Provide strategic leadership and data-informed guidance related to diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility to the university community.

  • Provide leadership, guidance and advice to university leaders and constituents related to DEIA.
  • Oversee and communicate the implementation of an institutional D & I training program plan for faculty and staff for individual and group training and activities.
  • Establish relationships and collaborative partnerships across the university for the purposes of strengthening the culture of inclusion via DEIA training, programs, events and activities.
  • Assist university departments, offices and units with implementation of D & I university wide training and DEIA initiatives through a DEIA Liaison program
  • Co-chair Council for Inclusive Excellence 
  • Administer Bobcat J.E.D.I Program 
  • Oversee Bring It Up Bobcats program 
  • Increase awareness and promote use of Texas State Diversity Calendar 
  • Provide leadership and guidance, to LGBTQIA Advisory Board and Network, Texas State Monarch Center for Immigrant Students by engaging with membership at monthly meetings. 
  • Provide leadership and guidance, enhance DEIA awareness, attend and engage university wide councils, committees, and advisory boards. 
  • Continue to support faculty and staff affinity groups through CDO meeting attendance and administrative support. 
  • In consultation with University Communications and University Marketing, develop effective strategies for raising awareness of DEIA initiatives (past, present, and future).