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Texas State University

Call for Diversity Funding Proposals

Funding Proposals for Projects in Support of Texas State’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Institutional Inclusive Excellence is taking requests for funding of projects that support the Diversity and Inclusion Plan, which is a part of the 2017-2023 University Strategic Plan. Projects should impact large numbers of students, faculty and staff. Examples of projects include performances, lectures, exhibits, conferences and symposia. 

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Details and Criteria for Funding Proposals

Deadline and Submission: Proposals can be submitted on a rolling basis beginning on September 1st each year and will be awarded as funds allow.  

Eligibility: All students, faculty, and staff are eligible to submit a request to fund a project, and each request must be sponsored by one or more university office, department, or organization. Each sponsor must sign the request for funds, and the official faculty or staff adviser must sign a request sponsored by a student organization. 

We will not support requests for student wages, software, scholarships, conference registration, legal or membership fees.  

Requirement Related to Diversity and Inclusion

Proposals must support one of the five goals of the Diversity and Inclusion Plan that include:

Goal 1: Strengthen our culture of respect and inclusion

Goal 2: Strengthen our efforts to better identify and overcome barriers to inclusion 

Goal 3: Strengthen our ability to better understand and define our university community 

Goal 4: Strengthen our efforts to maintain a safe university environment free from discrimination and sexual misconduct 

Goal 5: Strengthen the diversity of faculty and senior-level administrators

Obligations of Award Recipients: Award recipients must spend the funds for their designated use by the end of the fiscal year. Award recipients must submit a video summarizing their project or program to the Texas State Inclusive Excellence Showcase which will take place in September of the following fiscal year.

Apply for Diversity Funding